Toastmasters Resources

As a club president of Century City Communicators Toastmasters, I have found dozens of templates flying around the internet for everything from club flyers, to member certificates to checklists.

Though many of these items do not need to be professional quality — many of the items we hand out should look professional and make our members proud to be part of their local club.

I have created a number of templates for my club using three key drivers:

  1. They look professional.  These templates match the Toastmasters International Visual Brand Guidelines. That includes colors, fonts, and logos.
  2. They are easy to use.  Need to just add a name to a certificate without needing all the software and fonts?  All of the templates are PDFs with form field — allowing the template to retain all the high-quality formatting yet giving you the ability to quickly add your custom details.
  3. They are all free. Enjoy!

Available Templates

Certificates. New Member Certificate, Meeting Award Certificates, etc.